We offer various Christian drama forms appropriate for worship and entertainment. All have been produced, published, or both. Included are spirituality helps, essays about theatre in the church setting, and essays on directing.

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One-Act Plays

Some Angels Have Tails



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Enduring Principles are values, concepts, and themes that the Community of Christ endeavor to uphold as essential components that define the essence, heart, or soul of church identity, mission, and message. Some call enduring principles "core values" while others call them "foundational concepts." They describe the personality of the church as expressed through its participants, congregations, and affiliate organizations throughout the world. The Enduring Principles of the Community of Christ are Grace and Generosity, Sacredness of Creation, Continuing Revelation, Worth of All Persons, All Are Called, Responsible Choices, Pursuit of Peace (Shalom), Unity in Diversity, and Blessings of Community. Each of these principles are not meant to be limiting or comprehensive but are helps for people to live a spiritually healthy life. The dramas under these categories aim to express these foundational understandings.

The link to the Community of Christ's website about Enduring Principles is here. To see how church members throughout the world express the enduring principles of the church, follow this link to the statement: "We Are One, We Are Many."

Dialogues require two or more people who have memorized their lines. They are short and simple.

Mime is good for situations when people have no time to memorize many lines. The mime are NOT performed in whiteface or a clown suit. Sometimes the actors speak (alas)!

Monologues require one person to perform. While the person can read the monologue, a true performance with the lines memorized and rehearsed would be more effective.

Narration with Pantomime is good in a situation when a microphone is needed and several people want to engage in the performance. People performing the pantomime do not speak.

Interpretative readings do not need to be memorized. They are reader's theatre type of performances. Several microphones may be needed.

A responsive reading is a congregational response to a leader's statement. These need to be printed in the program or projected.

A Multi-Part Drama is a drama that is presented in parts throughout the service.

Drama for Christmas and Easter.

Historical Drama on this site dramatizes the history of the Community of Christ.

One-Act plays require more extensive rehearsals, a director, memorization, and staging.

A heartfelt look at our relationship with God by living with two dogs. These are kinds of interpretative readings.

These are essays to help people understand how to direct or put up a drama with an emphasis on directing drama for worship either in a congregational setting or camps and reunions.

These are essays aimed to help people understand the relationship between theatre and religion with an emphasis on the nature of theatre and using theatre as a method to witness.

This is a link to gaming graphics and a values-based computer game that is in process of being created.

A Few Notes

(1) I'm aware that publishing this way has risks. A person can take a work and call it his own. After considerable thought, I came to believe that more harm comes to the person stealing than to the author. So I take that risk.

(2) I've been writing for my church for years, and this is simply a way to offer these creative endeavors to other people. If you want it, take it.

(3) If you have similar thoughts and want to submit your work, e-mail me.

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